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LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions

As a part of the LHP Inc. Corporation, LHP's Data Analytics & IoT Solutions team is committed to creating a connected world. We can offer our customers the full range of services needed to leverage new and existing data sources to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

We have the know-how for building the structure to connect and leverage bodies of "unrelated" existing data within an organization to bring out actionable insights. Our forte truly is in connectivity and employee empowerment to enable business decision making through the use of analytics.


Our Solutions

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Big Data

We bring together IoT and Big Data to help solve business issues and provide options for better monitoring and service of intelligent applications.

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IoT Analytics

We enable business decision making through the use of complex analytics. 


Our Vision:

Transform how companies today utilize data to drive business results, converting underutilized data into actionable intelligence.


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