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How Full Stack Consulting Best Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

By Marty Muse on Jul 7, 2021 9:22:28 PM

How Full Stack Consulting Best Accelerates Your Digital Transformation



Data analytics is a discipline that enables organizations to extract meaningful insight from their data. This includes the analysis, collection, organization, and storage of data, as well as the tools and techniques used to perform these tasks. In this realm, the term “full-stack” refers to a group of programming languages and tools in which a developer gains competence, to properly execute both the front-end and back-end development of a website.

To gain this competence, full-stack consultants must learn multiple languages related to web development, along with foundation concepts in web design. Therefore, a full-stack consultant is essentially a web designer with experience creating websites and applications that can be interacted with and viewed in any web browser or mobile device.

In this interview, Marty Muse, the Vice President of Marketing at LHP, discusses digital transformation, data analytics, and full-stack consulting, with James Roberts, the President of the Data Analytic Solutions within LHPES; Bryan Rushton, the LHPES Director of Operations; and Yuan Chao and Adrian Ovalle, Data Analytics Developers for DAS Operations (COGS).



Interview with James Roberts and Bryan Rushton

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Infographic: Digital Transformation — Four Keys to a Successful Launch

By James Roberts on Mar 7, 2021 10:39:01 PM

Digital Transformation — Four Keys to a Successful Launch


A digital transformation alters how a company does business. It’s a big move that affects work processes, company culture, and customer engagement. Most companies contemplating a digital transformation recognize the value of such a significant change — the ability to respond to an evolving market, meet customer needs, improve internal costs, etc. — but many are not sure where to start or how to boost the odds of success.

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LHP Recognized by Indiana IoT Lab in State of IoT Report

By Marty Muse on Jun 18, 2020 3:31:39 PM

LHP Engineering Solutions is honored to be included in the 2020 Edition of the State of IoT Report, produced by the Indiana IoT Lab. We are grateful to be included with some of Indiana's brightest minds and organizations. LHP harnesses decades of technical experience and industry knowledge to help create products and establish processes that are safe, reliable, and innovative. Coupled with LHP’s unique knowledge in embedded controls, LHP can provide IoT and telematics expertise through integrating electronics, sensors, telematics, and equipment field usage applications into holistic IoT systems.

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Augmented Reality: A Real Use Case

By Bryan Rushton on Jun 18, 2020 1:41:36 PM

What is Augmented Reality??

Augmented Reality, and its cousin Virtual Reality, commonly referred to as A/R or AR and V/R or VR, have long held great intrigue by nearly everyone who is aware of their possibility.  Virtual reality, the idea that we can immerse ourselves wholly in a digital and artificial rendering of the world, has been dreamt about for decades, and is ever closer permeating our everyday lives.  Most have seen the advertisements that turn some smart phones into a VR headset. Extreme sports enthusiasts have probably seen commercially available 360-degree field of view cameras.  This is quickly bringing millions their first samples of virtual reality and the power it has.

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What is the Internet of Things?

By Bryan Rushton on Jun 18, 2020 1:26:10 PM

What Is IoT?

It is impossible to go very long without hearing that IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and AI are going to completely transform everything we do, both personally and professionally.  Yet, for all the talk, most people are willing to admit that, while they might vaguely know what the concepts are and some of the anecdotal effects of these technologies permeating our everyday lives will be, they don't exactly know how to get started.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network that not only connects people, but also the objects around them. A network of smart objects which works together in collecting and analyzing data and autonomously performing actions. Simply put, if a device has an on-off switch and can be connected to the Internet, it’s considered a part of the IoT. Some familiar examples include Amazon Echo, Fitbit, smart refrigerators, connected toothbrush and many more.

IoT and Connected cars

As companies begin to invest more and more into the Internet of Things,  one area they are particularly interested are IoT enabled cars.  Connected cars offer great value to consumers (safety, reliability, and convinience) and will have tremendous impact on the auto industry. Connected Cars can avoid collisions by tracking the speed and maintain the perfect distance between vehicles. Even though most of the cars are already equipped with GPS, IoT connected cars will include smart navigation system which can based on the past dataset real-time traffic and weather condition to make the suggestions for best route and the best time to leave for the driver’s destination.

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Automation Alley: Episode 3- IIOT and the Data Driven Factory

By Megan Verkamp on Jun 18, 2020 1:22:50 PM

LHP's Michael King, stared as a guest on Automation Alley's Factory Reboot Podcast Series. The Factory Reboot Podcast Series is a podcast about technology’s role in manufacturing and how Industry 4.0 is transforming the future, from autonomous robotics to artificial intelligence. Hosted by Automation Alley Executive Director, Tom Kelly, the series explores the minds of industry experts, and divulges the opportunities and challenges manufacturers face as they rethink, retool, and reboot their factories for manufacturing's next act: one that is smart and connected. 

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Is Platooning the Future of IoT in the Trucking Industry?

By Bryan Rushton on Jun 18, 2020 1:14:43 PM

Do you remember years ago a toy train set that could be connected by magnets? The magnetic pull would force each individual train to follow the one that came before it. With enough magnetic pull, there would be three or four trains connected, following each other in the same path on the wooden train tracks. Now, let’s expand our thinking and apply this to today’s modern technology. Imagine you are driving down the interstate when you see three or four trucks following, no more than 10 feet behind the other. Except this time, they are not connected by a magnetic pull, but by IoT technology.  According to the Washington Post, A wave of new technology intended to make trucks safer — using radar, cameras and reflective light scanning — is sweeping the industry. This new wave of technology is defined as platooning, and it is becoming very real in the trucking industry.

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Big Trucks - Big Data: The Use of IoT in Truck Platooning

By Bryan Rushton on Jun 18, 2020 1:12:10 PM

Continuing from LHP’s recent post on truck platooning - “Is Platooning the Future of IoT in The Trucking Industry?”, there are other implications to the evolving automation of heavy-duty trucking, especially as they relate to big data and analytics.  As a review, the areas of EU regulatory framework are to focus on:

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