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James Roberts

James Roberts

James Roberts is the President and Chief Solution Architect of LHP Data Analytics and IoT Solutions. James joined LHP in 2016 and has 10 years’ experience in Advanced Analytics and IoT, technology consulting, and management prior to joining LHP. At LHP, He leads the technical team on projects from pre-sales through delivery, which includes the following verticals: Self-Service Analytics (Business Analytics), Advanced Analytics (Predictive Analytics/Machine Learning/Data Science and Optimization), IoT Digital Twins, IoT Application Enablement Platforms (AEP), Big Data/IoT/Cloud Infrastructure, Custom Web/App Development, Business Process Consulting, Technical Consulting, and IoT Analytics Training. James is actively working with his customers’ leadership and execution teams to transform their organizations into market and industry leaders by leveraging analytics. James and his team target quick win projects (6 weeks) with the customers via high-value deliverables that prove their ROI and methods.

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Infographic: Digital Transformation — Four Keys to a Successful Launch

By James Roberts on Mar 7, 2021 10:39:01 PM

Digital Transformation — Four Keys to a Successful Launch


A digital transformation alters how a company does business. It’s a big move that affects work processes, company culture, and customer engagement. Most companies contemplating a digital transformation recognize the value of such a significant change — the ability to respond to an evolving market, meet customer needs, improve internal costs, etc. — but many are not sure where to start or how to boost the odds of success.

Topics: Data Analytics IoT IIoT digital transformation