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Marty Muse

Marty Muse

Marty Muse joins LHP as Vice President of Marketing following his role as CEO at Vennli where he orchestrated record revenue and the launching of new Content Intelligence software serving marketers with an AI-enabled tool for content planning. Prior to that, he served in several executive-level roles including VP of Marketing for WebLink International, VP of Client Success, and CEO for an Indianapolis-based digital marketing agency, Relevance, where he delivered digital marketing services to Fortune 500 clientele including L’Oreal, Office Depot, FedEx, Macy's, Sears, Humana, and New York Life and many tech companies such as Rackspace, Seagate, Intel, HP, and Intuit to name a few.

Recent posts by Marty Muse

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How Full Stack Consulting Best Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

By Marty Muse on Jul 7, 2021 9:22:28 PM

How Full Stack Consulting Best Accelerates Your Digital Transformation



Data analytics is a discipline that enables organizations to extract meaningful insight from their data. This includes the analysis, collection, organization, and storage of data, as well as the tools and techniques used to perform these tasks. In this realm, the term “full-stack” refers to a group of programming languages and tools in which a developer gains competence, to properly execute both the front-end and back-end development of a website.

To gain this competence, full-stack consultants must learn multiple languages related to web development, along with foundation concepts in web design. Therefore, a full-stack consultant is essentially a web designer with experience creating websites and applications that can be interacted with and viewed in any web browser or mobile device.

In this interview, Marty Muse, the Vice President of Marketing at LHP, discusses digital transformation, data analytics, and full-stack consulting, with James Roberts, the President of the Data Analytic Solutions within LHPES; Bryan Rushton, the LHPES Director of Operations; and Yuan Chao and Adrian Ovalle, Data Analytics Developers for DAS Operations (COGS).



Interview with James Roberts and Bryan Rushton

Topics: Analytics Connectivity digital transformation full stack
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LHP Recognized by Indiana IoT Lab in State of IoT Report

By Marty Muse on Jun 18, 2020 3:31:39 PM

LHP Engineering Solutions is honored to be included in the 2020 Edition of the State of IoT Report, produced by the Indiana IoT Lab. We are grateful to be included with some of Indiana's brightest minds and organizations. LHP harnesses decades of technical experience and industry knowledge to help create products and establish processes that are safe, reliable, and innovative. Coupled with LHP’s unique knowledge in embedded controls, LHP can provide IoT and telematics expertise through integrating electronics, sensors, telematics, and equipment field usage applications into holistic IoT systems.

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