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Data Management.
On-Premise & Cloud Design.

Built a telematics data management and integration system capable of hybrid on-prem/cloud design. 


We worked with an emerging battery energy technology company to create an advanced telematics data management and integration system capable of hybrid on-premise/cloud design.



Integrate and manage existing data capture processes into the cloud where data can be managed, stored, and digested for performance optimization, field monitoring, trend analysis, and, ultimately, predictive/prognostic servicing.



As the battery energy company grew, the customer base widened and field monitoring of production units became more critical. This includes operating conditions, warranty analysis, and product infield performance metrics. Monitoring for dangerous battery cell conditions was paramount.



The LHP Data Analytics team took a very complex data feed from multiple client customers and developed a standardized, streamlined process for ingestion, transformation, and load into on-premise servers and eventual cloud integration. Minimizing data transfer over cellular networks, optimizing database performance, and developing a master data plan was critical.


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Results & Metrics


5000+ Units and growing

250+  Engineering decision points

3+ Azure geographic regions

Customer teams supported and engaged




Industry: Energy/Manufacturing/Automotive