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Data Management

Efficiency System.

Developed a technical capacity & efficiency system to net millions in annualized savings. 


Technical Capacity & Efficiency System Nets Millions in Annualized Savings.



Achieve 30% R&D organizational efficiency as defined by spend by the end of the year 2020 ($70m+ entitlement). 



Primarily achieved through headcount alignment and process efficiency.  By combining multiple, disparate data sources into a clear, cohesive view to be used by multiple parties and achieving buy-in and adoption across the organization to adopt new processes.



LHP provided an analytics solution and process management support, allowing the organization to achieve over $5m of its goal. PowerBI Dashboard catered to the unique needs of department heads, program leaders, technical leaders, and other support staff.

Throughout the project, LHP provided on-site staff to observe, guide, and lead meeting/program effectiveness improvements. Test Cell utilization and predictive maintenance improvements. The continuing integration of reporting sources and analytical processes various global lines of business (LOBs). 

Integration into enterprise systems and processes was critical. LHP was able to streamline processes and workflows allowing the realization of savings without increased strain on existing enterprise resources and processes. This comes not only through LHP's business expertise but also experience in having helped develop and implement the enterprise analytics environment for this Fortune 250 company.



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Results & Metrics


$5 million Projected cost savings. 

Better staff utilization and cost control, achieved through unprecedented ability to understand and visualize multiple influences over time to anticipate future demand.  Multi-year corporate initiative (a dedicated group with 6+ headcount) stood up based upon the success of the business unit program. 




Industry: PowerGen/Manufacturing 


Tools: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft PowerBI, Oracle legacy source system, SharePoint. Delivered in Agile methodology.