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Digital Twin.
Industry 4.0.

Built out Detroit Automaker's Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Environment. 


The customer has over 200,000 employees and one of the largest manufacturing footprints in the world. To reduce costs, maintain efficiencies, increase take time, improve industrial engineering changeovers, improve product development, and continue to innovate requires the latest technology and massive connection of multi-disciplinary data silos to make effective and efficient decisions.



Consult, architect, and develop the manufacturing digital twin and analytical outputs as part of their Industry 4.0 initiatives and constant innovation.




Displaced leading management consulting company for implementation of a founding member of the big three automakers in Detroit to build out their Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment.




LHP delivered an initial consulting engagement to prototype Industry 4.0 technologies, architected a master asset data model, and then deployed five teams of resources to implement the modular components of the solution in conjunction with the customer’s manufacturing leadership.


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Results & Metrics


60-80 Manufacturing plants

150k+ Employees 

4 million+  Vehicles supported a year





Industry: Manufacturing/Automotive


Tools: Full Stack Development, Web Development, MicroServices, SQL/NoSQL, DevOps