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Telematics Data Management.

Developed end-to-end visibility of compliance traceability for Nuvera's emerging technology. 


We worked with Nuvera, an emerging hydrogen fuel cell technology company, to create an end-to-end telematics data management system in the cloud.



To Develop end-to-end visibility of compliance and traceability for Nuvera's emerging technology.



Nuvera had obligations to investors to launch and effectively monitor the entire fleet of engines in the field. This includes operating conditions, warranty analysis, and product infield performance metrics. The absence of this data was an unacceptable use case for early customers.



The LHP Data Analytics Team leveraged the entire LHP ecosystem starting with a telematics hardware solution, engineering consulting, cloud infrastructure, and advanced analytics techniques.


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Results & Metrics


500+ Engines

3 Azure geographic regions

250+ Engineering decision points

5 Customer teams supported and engaged 




Industry: Energy/Manufacturing/Automotive


Tools: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, LHP Telematics Hardware (TP1), Microsoft Teams, and Power Platform.