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Learn how LHP's Data Analytics Team is a proud PTC partner, ThingWorx developer and integrator, and leader in connected health solutions.


PTC ThingWorx Developer

LHP is a leading developer and integrator of the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform within the automotive industry, leveraging the Digital Twin to empower manufacturing engineers with operational insight.

We also utilize ThingWorx Studio Augmented Reality tools, and would be happy to demonstrate this powerful platform.



PTC Thingworx platform


PTC Augmented Reality Demonstration

Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital information onto the physical world to provide a better contextual understanding of an environment. Industrial AR is specifically used to assist employees in the operation, maintenance, or service of factory assets and equipment.

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Industrial IoT & Digital Transformation

The industrial Internet of Things can transform your business in profound ways, from how you design, manufacture, and service products, to how you create value and engage with customers.

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Vuforia Integrator

Vuforia provides the fastest, easiest, and most advanced AR content development solutions to help industrial enterprise customers address workforce challenges and meet business goals. 

As a Vuforia integrator, LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions help our customers strengthen their connected manufacturing with augmented reality at the tip of their fingers. 

ptc Vueforia

LHP's Connected Workplace Health

 LHP built a database combining data analytics and IoT applications to create a Connected Workplace. This allows companies to quickly and cost-effectively manage employee health and risks in this recovery period.

How We Help: 

  • Provide rapid identification and control of the virus, limiting community spread within business
  • Identify sick employees, where they have been, and who has been in close contact
  • Immediate data traceability: Allows you to see who was in what zone at a given time in history
  • Enable employees to manage their social distancing
  • Provide continuous monitoring at a low cost


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LHP Data Analytics and the PTC team parter to cultivate a world of digital transformation. 



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